July 14

Bucket list … or things I want to do and never seem to get around to it

Typically, a bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do before they die. This can range from things like traveling the world, writing a book, learning a language, starting a business, or something a bit more specific and meaningful.

Well, I have a list too. Frankly, this post will not even begin to scratch the surface of everything I want to do before I die. Some of these, I’ve started to make some headway; others are merely dreams.

So, the list: 

  • Travel the world
    • Yeah, I know. Pretty basic. Of course, my own version of it involves taking anywhere between 6 to 12 months to travel to at least 15 different countries, spending a minimum of 1 week in each location. A good 1-2 months of that dedicated to traveling around Europe.
  • Write a book
    • This is one of those goals I’ve tried to make some headway on, but haven’t quite settled on an idea. Perhaps I have too many ideas, or too few. This is also an on-going learning process for me, as I want to become a good storyteller. Writing¬† a book is easy enough, it’s just words on paper. Telling a good story is what sets apart good books from the bad ones.
  • Learn several languages
    • Growing up, I spoke English, Tamil, and was conversational in Sinhalese, the latter two were spoken while I was living in Sri Lanka. Since moving to Canada, I have lost touch with some of my Sri Lankan roots. I can still hold a conversation in Tamil, but am usually reluctant to do so. That being said, the list of languages I want to learn, and eventually become fluent in, are: Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, and Italian. Arabic, because I was born in an Arab country, and as a Muslim, would like to understand the Qur’an as I read it; Japanese and Vietnamese specifically to cover the far East languages, perhaps including Mandarin at some point; French, to be considered bilingual in Canada, which will help propel my career in the Canadian Armed Forces; Italian, because it’s a lovely language, and I’ve wanted to spend some time in Italy for a multitude of reasons. I’m fascinated by languages, although I do have a … specific motive. I like the thought of going to a foreign country, having a complete stranger talking about me in a foreign language without realizing that I understand what they’re saying, then speaking to them in said foreign language, only to see their facial expression change to one of utmost horror. It would be immensely satisfying.
  • Become a falconer
    • This is something that I’ve taken great strides in. I completed a week-long Falconry course in BC about a year ago, and learned a lot in the process. Since moving to Ontario, the process is a fair bit more involved. I would need to get a hunting license (shouldn’t be a problem, as I possess credentials in BC, and transferring that to Ontario should be quick), for starters, and do a 15-month Apprenticeship program covering two hunting seasons from October to October. As part of that Apprenticeship, I would be required to own my very first bird. Unfortunately for me, my living situation at the moment won’t allow me to possess a bird – I would need to have my own place, in order to build the necessary facilities to keep a bird. I will also be transient for the next two years, spending 15 months in Trenton and another 8 months in Borden, which would mean less time to dedicate to the care and training of a raptor. Perhaps once I’m done with my training and am trade-qualified, I will know if I am able to settle down long enough to participate in the falconry apprenticeship program and become a Falconer in Ontario.
  • Become a pilot
    • Something I’ve wanted to do for many years now. A Private Pilot’s License (PPL) should be very easy to obtain, requiring very little flight time. And since I will be in Trenton for 15 months, I can easily obtain it by flying on the weekends. There’s a flying club located in Kingston, conveniently located only an hour away. Frankly, 15 months should be sufficient to meet the requirements for a Commercial Pilot’s license, but I personally think that’s excessive. At the very least, I want to work on various ratings, such as IFR, VFR, Night, and Multi-engine. That should keep me busy.
    • I’ve harbored thoughts of becoming a pilot in the RCAF too. I passed Aircrew selection for all of the three Aircrew trades (Pilot, Air Combat Systems Officer, Aerospace Control Officer), but unfortunately, didn’t meet the vision requirements for any of them. Of course, the ball has started rolling on my career as an AERE Officer, so I have to see that through before I can consider an occupational transfer (also assuming I’ve fixed my eyesight through surgery sometime before that), and probably have to redo Aircrew selection depending on how long my current results are valid. Redoing Aircrew selection shouldn’t be a problem: I already know I can pass it with minimal preparation, and knowing what the test involves, I can be adequately prepared for the next time.
  • Own a property
    • This is a long term plan. I want to own a massive property that’s at least 20 acres or larger. The location is undecided. BC would be ideal, especially somewhere on Vancouver Island. Interior BC would be perfect, especially if it’s a forested area near a lake. The vision I have is a small house in a forested property, with areas of land cleared out for camping out, or places to have an impromptu picnic. An area dedicated to falconry (flying birds, training birds, hunting with birds, weathering areas, mews, etc), somewhere near the main household.
  • Build a house
    • This ties into my other goal of owning a large property. The house will be a blend of old fashioned and modern. The interior needs to be open, minimal, and elegant. I enjoy the simplicity of wide open spaces. I want at least one floor to be a dedicated library, study, and media center (a home theater and gaming area). One of the ideas I had for the house would be a smaller footprint above ground, with the majority of the house being subterranean with skylights, to allow for as much natural lighting as possible.
  • Go skydiving
    • Pretty self-explanatory. I want to experience the adrenaline rush.
  • Cross-Canada railway trip
    • This will be a 2-week long trip across Canada, by railway, starting in Vancouver and ending in Halifax, making several stops along the way. Perhaps not as flexible as a road trip across Canada, but it’ll still be a great way to see much of Canada (with the exception of the interior provinces, where there’s very little to see. Lame.). This can be combined with my round the world trip, where I can travel from East to West, starting in New Zealand, and upon completing the Europe portion of the trip, fly to Halifax and start the cross-Canada trip from there (the trip can be done in reverse as well).
  • Create a Minecraft mod (or modification)
    • Modded Minecraft is immensely popular due to the sheer range of things you can do with it. Mods range from something as similar as minor enhancements to the base game (or Vanilla Minecraft) to full-blown Tech mods adding a wide range of machines (a good, immersive Tech mod, aptly named, is called Immersive Engineering), power generation/storage/transport, to space exploration. My own idea is to expand on the space exploration mod, making it an immersive and realistic experience based on current and near-future technology. There are already two space mods for Minecraft, called Galacticraft and Advanced Rocketry. Galacticraft is simple and charming, while Advanced Rocketry is complex, but also unrealistic as it dips into the realm of science fiction (traveling between Solar systems, galaxies, warp drives, etc). A third, more realistic option would fit well with the Minecraft ecosystem. Of course, the project is large, and quite complex too, and will require quite a bit of Java wizardry to accomplish (which would mean learning and mastering Java).

That’s a pretty exhaustive list. I’ll leave it at that, and add onto it in separate posts as time goes on. I’m sure there are many more items that should belong on the above list that escape my mind currently.

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